Alternative Gallery ‘Summer Kickoff Art Show’ June 16th

Our friends Brandon Wunder and Bobby Zeik have become gallerists in Allentown PA! Along with local artists Jessica Echevarria & Rob Riegel they are gearing up for the opening of their own space they are calling The Alternative Gallery. The following is from their ofical press release…

The Alternative Gallery
June 11, 2012 – Allentown, PA – Opening Saturday June 16, is the brand new artist
owned & operated collective, The Alternative Gallery. Located on Hamilton St. in the
heart of Downtown Allentown, the gallery serves as an opportunity to give control of the
art back to the artist. With this model, the gallery’s objective is to re-build the connection
between artists & galleries and inspire independent artists to re-gain control of how they
sell & display their work.

Originally started as a non-traditional outlet for artists to show their work, The
Alternative Gallery has gained much support from the community to help bridge all local
art communities together. We aim to build strong, lasting relationships with outside art
scenes around the world to bring new artists in and help our artists reach new markets.
Started by local artists Brandon Wunder, Jessica Echevarria, Rob Riegel & Bobby Zeik,
all ambitious young local artists looking to move away from previous restrictions. Each
artist has taken their showing experience as both artist & curator to run the show as freely
and fun as possible. The backgrounds of the founding artists range from photography, street art, traditional & non-traditional techniques, music, technology and even

After establishing the gallery as a permanent local installment, the gallery will do shows
pertaining to certain issues and to help raise money & awareness for current events that
impact us all. We believe much change can be achieved simply through the support of the

Outside of the main established location, the gallery will hold secret pop-up shows in
non-traditional places such as abandoned buildings & clearings in the woods. These
shows will not be immediately accessible to most people and those interested will have
to follow clues to seek out the show. The secret shows will function as scavenger hunts
where participants follow clues in artwork and finally ending at a large art party in the
most unique locations. The first clue will always be revealed through the gallery’s Twitter

The gallery’s first show is the FREE ‘Summer Kickoff Art Show’ on June 16 from 7PM
until 2AM which will be populated by live music & entertainment, on-site painting, free
giveaways, costumes, the artwork of 11 local artists, and local apparel & business
vendors. It will be a celebration of culture & human achievement.

Founder: Brandon Wunder
904 W. Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18101
610-462-3282 or 484-358-5413

Gallery space open 24 hours a day.

Author: C. Priority

painter / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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