Announced: Michael Alan Benefit at NOoSPHERE Arts


HOSTED by: NOoSPHERE Arts, Art for Progress, Amber De Vos, Mike Kronenberg, D’stroy And Rebuild, Joseph Meloy, Moody and many more invite you to a be a part of a positive cause.

Michael Alan will be showing over 20 new and old works, drawings, paintings and prints for Auction in the project space of NOoSPHERE Arts On Saturday, January 19th at 7pm.

The goal of the exhibition is to raise funds to help Alan who has been struggling physically with 2 major injuries in the last year. One of those injuries occurred as a result of a serious car accident in June 2012. Sales on works and donations from friends, family and all attending will be a good starting point to help Alan move on from these hard troubles, and get him the help he needs.

It’s been an uphill battle after unsuccessful spinal surgery, dealing with permanent nerve damage and a serious brain injury. This benefit will hopefully allow some relief for Alan by raising money towards his outrageous medical bills, and getting better medical attention than what he has received.


We hope to see you on January 19th. You can help make 2013 a better year for the New York-born and raised, wild child artist Michael Alan. This show is made possible by the help of NOoSPHERE Arts, a fun non-profit artist space in the Lower East Side.

Special Thanks to Klemmens Gasser and Tanja Grunert for their support and concern. Special Thanks to Frames and Framers of Short Hills and Printmor for their help and donations.

This show will run through Feb 24th and will change every other night. Michael will reside there at night drawing his heart out marathon style with the inner mantra of Get Strong, Get Better! The back room acts as a room of recovery through art, and a change of energy as the new year is upon us. its is part of the 2-year anniversary show of NOosphere arts, in the main room.

251 East Houston Street,
New York, New York 10002

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