Announced: NOoSphere 2nd Anniversary & Benefit Auction

NOoSPHERE_Previous Performances

Benefit Auction: Mon, Feb 4, 6:30-8:30 pm
Opened by Zenia Chrysostomidis,
Consul from the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in NYC

Opened on Feb 4, 2011, NOoSPHERE Arts is an artist-initiated, not-for-profit venue for exhibits, performances and other contemporary arts programming. With a special focus on Norway, our scope is international: We invite a wide range of artists from elsewhere to share their work with the New York City audience. Run on a shoestring budget by an all-volunteer crew, the gallery is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the fastest-growing and most dynamic arts district in NYC.

For our 2nd birthday, we are hosting a silent auction of works donated by the following artist friends: Michael Alan Alien, Hanneline Røgeberg, Björn Hegardt, Gisle Harr, Joe Heaps Nelson, Lars Strandh, Txuca, Anki King, Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand, Boris Zakic, Morten Traavik, Anna Christina Lorenzen, Kathleen McIntyre, Pia Myrvold, Richard Borge, Vanna Bowles, Nils Olav Bøe, Kristin von Hirsch, Jannecke Lønne Christiansen, Are Blytt, Sol Kjøk, Kristin Skrivervik, Morten Thyholt, Joseph Meloy, Michael Anderson, Alexis Duque, Hsin-Ju Hsieh, Bryan A. Moore, Kimberley Ross, Yngvar Larsen, Francesco Palombi, Andreas Soma, Alf Solbakken, Marianne Mannsåker, Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri and Louise Fishman.

For a REVIEW OF THE EXHIBIT ON VIEW, please go to NYC Art Parasites.

TICKETS CAN BE PRE-PURCHASED HERE ($30 Individuals, $100 Business Associates).
Ticket purchases − which also serve as stubs in a RAFFLE for prizes donated by our generous sponsors − are fully tax deductible. Any donation beyond $100 can be channeled through our fiscal sponsor Art For Progress* for a full tax deduction.

If you cannot make it to the benefit event in person, there is yet another way to show your support for NOoSPHERE’s activities and mission: Please SIGN THE PETITION soliciting operational funding for our alternative venue here.



NEW YORK, NY 10002

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