Announced: “You’re Not Invited” Curated by The Alternative Gallery


You’re invited to “You’re Not Invited.”

This event will explore the over-sensitivity in modern day American culture, pretentious art snobs, and the attempted censorship of art, sometimes by other artists.

America is currently facing a crisis of epic proportions, and that crisis is political correctness. A large number of our citizens have been inflicted with a massive internal condition known as sensitivity. Side effects include whining, temper tantrums and unexpected fits of rage when faced with something they don’t like.

Signs to look out for include:
– people making distant tragedies about themselves or unconnected things around them
– generic arguments about topics they know nothing about, usually in a very stern or authoritative manner
– malicious attacks on persons with different points of view
– the fear and concealment of any and all sexuality in the world
– the refusal of new ideas and/or diversity

If you or anyone you know suffers from 1 or more of these traits, you may be overly sensitive. And it is HIGHLY recommended that you lighten up.

If you don’t suffer from these, than this is a show you may thoroughly enjoy. It includes well done pieces of art, with a sense of humor and non-establishment ideals.
Some of the pieces featured in this show have had censorship issues brought against them in the past. The point of the show isn’t to intentionally offend, but to remind the viewer that art contains different ideas and explores themes not everyone is comfortable with. We want to remind the viewer that it’s fine to dislike something and simply continue on with your life without starting a witch hunt.

Why is the show in a book store? Because many art elitists say “real” art is only shown in traditional galleries. They dictate what art is and who should be allowed to partake in it. We feel that art is inherent to all and should be enjoyed by all.
“You’re Not Invited”
Guest curated by The Alternative Gallery

– Chris Cash
– Tom Evans
– Bobby Zeik
– Rob Riegel
– Craig Blake
– Nikki Obertubbesing
– Brandon Wunder
– Rita Haxx
– Joseph Curwen
– Chris Jones
– Kelly Kehs
Opening: Saturday February 23, 2013
Exhibit Duration: Feb. 23-April 3

FREE Entrance

Not InvitedQuadrant Book Mart
20 N. Third St.
Easton, PA


Brought to you by the combined efforts of The Alternative Gallery and the Arts Community of Easton (ACE).

But don’t take our word for it, just check out what others have to say:

(actual quotes, names changed to avoid further whining)

“Oh, btw, I do go to several art events each year… the ones you would never be invited to.” – Miss Pimento

“Can’t stop me from coming through.” – Aggressive Stalker

“You will hear from my lawyer.” – Sensitive Joe

“Don’t worry, I still think your work is stupid.” – Professor of Intelligence Quotient of Inanimate Objects

“Your gallery is lame. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” – Farmer of Generic Insults

“And I’m not overly concerned if you lambaste me.” – Unconcerned Painter

“Oh, you can cut and paste this because I really think your work blows just like you.” – Associate Technician of Permission

“Copyright infringement, Alternative.” – Mr. Pulling At Threads

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