Announced: Ruffianism Sticker Show 2


Sticker & Street Art Show + ink

For the second time in Tijuana a organized show sticker with art from hundreds of artists from around the world (Mexico, USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Romania, United Kingdom, Brazil. etc) The expo will feature stickers, posters, canvas, paintings, paints, screens. RUFFIANISM 2 Saturday March 2nd 7:00pm until 3:00am.

Madik, Fuxus, Andres Musta, Clyde, Mogow, La Vela, Komap, Emos, Skam, Noxin, John 14:6, Virus Free, All C, Dirty Tramps, Vinny Raffa
Ceito, Idle, Baze, Valda, I Love You, Hunno, Enigmaregis, Guigo Wtfk, Glue Squad, Slap Vlot, WUH?, Christopher Priority, How You Say!, RX
REK 607, Handicap, Zelch, Rachel Payne, TWK, Mr Mumblejinx, Virtual, Grade 06, Mahdicine Man, Lucid Rose, Sladge, Nofio, Daeh?, Sleem
Fluff, Jesus, Myster E, Alien 8, Strifu, Stelleconfuse, Feln, Sars Oner, Acer, Bruna Pimenta, Ecto, Past Crew, Free Tibet, Yves, Pitzotto, MRP
Smor, Derp, Shaggy, DCOI, Cyrus One, Psyco ZRCS, Phycological Industries, BW2F, Mesh, Dookie, Vibe, Crummy Gummy, 2EFS, Tonto.TopsTuff, Grafface, Most, Jose, Karlo Hallo, Classick, Sleep, Much Doors, Myster E

Local Artists:
Ruffian, Dear, Look, Bofec, El Norteño, 1102, Azteco, HEY! Glegle, ARRE, Aleph, Adelice, Lakea, Pablo Vega, Mendoza, Mustache Worm
AMA yellow Durden, Dual, Mannyax BA, Ugo, Kashe, Fancy R Cloud, Kandinsky, Rubyzeen, De La Rosa, NGroos Ink, Natox TSU AND MORE

March 2nd Saturday 7pm

pez tattoo PEZ TATTOO

Plaza Revolucion local 213,
Ave. revolucion entre 3ra y 4ta.
(dentro del pasaje gomez, 2do piso)
Tijuana, Baja California

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