Announced: ride me, an eclectic, art-filled evening with Intersect Dance Theatre and PBDT


Join Sculptor Joseph Umali Fernandez, photographer /videographer Johnny Naked, film composer Doug Hammond and the performers of Pony Box Dance Theatre and Intersect Dance Theatre from Riverside.

Tickets are $20 or $15 for seniors, students and Highways members.

Pony Box Dance Theatre is premiering 2 new works, in close collaboration with composer Douglas Hammond and sculptor Joseph Umali Fernandez. “e” was inspired by Peter Schaffer’s “Equus”, a play which touches on the themes of innocence and knowledge, passion and reason and the places where they intersect.

Intersect Dance Theatre is sharing 3b, the second in a sequence of choreographic works by Sofia Carreras, a sequence that began with “Against the Grain” and that explores the irreducible sense of being alone that everyone experiences on occasion, even (sometimes especially) in public spaces. Set in an oncology waiting room, 3b seeks specifically to speak to and for those affected by breast cancer (ultimately, all of us) and those who, like Carreras herself, have encountered that frightening sense of being alone, despite the comfort of all the friends in the world, that attends the confusion and the anxiety in the face of possible death. But 3b is not “morbid.” It testifies to how being alone even in the face of death can reveal the living world in a more authentic, vivid way; it tells us to ride on through life.


Highways Performance Space
1651 18th St, Santa Monica,
California 90404-3807

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