Announced: Standard 574 & OFF & aDNA present: Do Not Cross or Buff

do not buff

Standard 574 in collaboration with OFF – festival del cinema chiuso & aDNA present Do Not Cross or Buff. Featuring two giant walls dedicated to sticker culture and the international street art scene.

Artists include: Sladge, Raze, Area, Cetuss, Christopher Priority, Lalo, Seven, RX, John 14:6, Skam, Eksfor, Most, Stickaz Huntaz, Commute, Rd Rasterbator, NVAZN, Caotic, Casperinc, Hoshiko, Skully 952, Strifu, Rab Dauber, Spam, Discordia PsyIndustries, Narcoze, Hesher Park, La Vela, Ekiem, Wolf, Obey Yo Momma, Lembo, Army of One, Much Puertas, Ariane Pasco, Gewoonix, Crummy Gummy, Vida Looka, Hallo Karlo, Pidzotto, Shye One, Veka, Vlot, Camo, Vinny Raffa, AU Osce, Hunno, Derek Wilson, PZL, Bio Em, Set De Belleza, 2Efs, Savoie, Betterwith Two Fingers, Wojo, Free Virus, Glue Squad Potenza and many many more.

Peace, love and bananas to all as Standard 574 introduces the community to this culture and its artists from all around the globe.


GPRV – ex cinema preneste

Via Alberto Da Giussano, 59

00176 ROME, Italy

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