New Artist Gallery Page: Sarah Valeri


Added 11 new images to the Sarah Valeri Gallery Page. View this selection of her work here on Onefive4gallery then head over to her site for more

Sarah Valeri’s  work has  been a predominantly private endeavor throughout her life, including scenes made of twigs hidden behind certain juniper bushes, large bald figures painted in unwelcoming basements, and little sculptures hidden in the woods. After moving to New York City in 2004 she gradually began exhibiting paintings and drawings throughout the metropolitan area, New England, Spain and recently Japan.

While studying the relationship between arts and healing for her MA at NYU, Sarah began to take in this new landscape of chaos and shimmering pieces she had woken up in. Since 2006 she has been creating live and life size, music driven drawings with the wild hearted band Colorform, and recently she has created live drawings with experimental musician Clara Kebabian in their ongoing performance The Quickest Path to Earth. She also created artwork in response to Susan Scutti’s novel The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer deed which came together over the long period that is required to form a friendship.

Her large and intensely colored paintings are her home away from home, but recently she has been working in small, pen and ink drawings. Originally an adaptation to working in a small space, these drawings became the seed for the Fugitives’ Astronomy Club, a group of intertwining stories made in mythic imagery. As the stories are completed they will be made into small handmade books, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

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