Announced: Think Tank Gallery presents: Paul Santoleri’s Amygdala Mandala


Think Tank Gallery Presents: Paul Santoleri’s Amygdala Mandala – Line-Drawing Installation

Think Tank Gallery to showcase the renowned Philadelphia-born muralist Paul Santoleri’s AMYGDALA-MANDALA line-drawing installation this Thursday at Think Tank Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, during the DTLA Art Walk.

Fresh off the heels off a global exhibition of his large-scale, line-focused environments, Santoleri has erected a multidimensional mural in the 6,500 square feet of gallery space, alive and crawling with hand painted, abstract pulp-imagery culled from a mash-up of his life and world travels. Using mostly brushes, and at his signature pace, Santoleri created the massive GALA installation on the walls, columns, ceiling, and floors of the gallery in just 3 weeks, bringing to life a deeply self-reflective piece that references the living cycles of nature and the uncomfortable beauty of death.

In a site-responsive collision of two mural capitals of the United States, the exhibit is surely something to behold.

–All ages. First come, first served refreshments available before 9PM–

AFTER THE OPENING… (10pm’ish):

Thief Presents: Strangers Family Band

Making up to their fans for last Sunday’s publicized divorce from LA Psych Fest, Strangers Family Band stops through to embrace the psychedelia of Santoleri’s AMYGDALA installation, playing their unmistakable freak-form-fUZz-outs while Thief Presents melts the whole room with custom oil projections, a radical concoction of art and music guaranteed to have your pineal palpitating.

Go Thursday to Think Tank Gallery for the FREE opening of Paul Santoleri’s AMYGDALA line-drawing installation and stay for the lysergic lullabies of your favorite LA psychedelic mind-expanders, Strangers Family Band.

–All ages. Bring your own age-appropriate refreshments any time after 10PM–

Think Tank GAllery


939 Maple Ave. Suite 200,

Los Angeles, California

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