Announced: Tease To Please at Rebelution Ink


Tease to Please A Pin-Up Art Exhibition. Reinventing the Art of the Pin-Up.

Perhaps no other imagery has defined the mystique of feminine allure as memorably as the iconic pin-up girls of the ’40s and ’50s. And though the female form has captured the male (and female!) imagination through erotic imagery for hundreds, even thousands, of years, the distinctive illustrative and photographic style of mid-century America forever cemented in the public consciousness the pin-up girl look via morale-boosting posters of WWII-favorites like leggy actress Betty Grable, or as shapely forms tattooed upon soldiers’ arms and emblazoned across the steel fuselages of fighter planes, or from the pages of titillating pulp magazines such as ‘Peep’ and ‘Wink’ featuring pin-up legend Bettie Page.

Today, a renewed interest in the intrinsically risqué yet wholesome beauty of the classic pin-up girl has led to a renaissance of burlesque performance and nostalgic imagery around the world as created by the likes of Dita von Teese, GIGI La Femme and Little Brooklyn among others. And on April 20th, Rebelution Ink throws its own hat into this very sensual ring with ‘Tease-to-Please,’ a new exhibition of artworks celebrating the timeless appeal of the pin-up re-envisioned by local artists, and with a thoroughly contemporary twist.

So leave your trench-coat and shades at home and feel free to take a peek..

Words by: Glenn Brown

This will be our unofficial Grand Re-opening to Rebelution Ink’s new shop with its main focus on the Pin-Up and Rockabilly culture.

Featuring the works of:
Santiago Pin-Ups, Robert Piersanti, Ben Angotti, Sara Antoinette Martin, Oscar Sketch Soto, Alexander Reynoso, Kenly Dillard, Elstabo, Paige Pumphrey “The Art Of Paigey”, Cheedah, Dondi J, Circa Photography, Mini Moi Toys by Julissa, Angel Lopez

Hosted By: Ashley D. Turzio
Music by: AnaMated
Baked Goods by: Kid Cup Cake
Photography by: Binks Whobutme

Free Screening: Bettie Page Reveals All

Limited Prints: By: Santiago Pin-Ups
Limited Edition Vintage Pin-Up Bow Ties By: Wonder Lee
Hand Crafted Jewerly Made By Artist Elisa Velazquez: UltraFresca


Rebelution Ink

560 Grand Street

Brooklyn, New York

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