Announced: “Street Stylz” at White Rabbit

Street Stylz

On May 1st, 2013, TAG’s 21st Century Grafstract Expressionists, SinXero, Army of One/JC2, FUMERO, ADAM DARE, Will Power & Kool Kito will be exhibiting their Fine Grafstract Art at 2’12” Art Space @ White Rabbit.

DJ Sal P from Liquid Liquid & DJ Small Change will be killin’ the 1 & 2s LIVE.

Street Stylz is brought to you by “The SX Lab,” Fine Grafstract Productions in collaboration with TAG. Endorsed by 5Ptz. Sponsored by ALL CITY Paint.

TAG, “The Art of Grafstract.”
Grafstract Expressionism is an early 21st century urban art movement that has evolved from graffiti art or combining a mixed-media of graffiti and street art elements of design with an emphasis to create dynamic compositions based off of a spontaneous interaction among line, shape and color. STYLE: Grafstract designs are highly stylistic, bold and bright with a multitude of layered colors, lines and shapes that project a flowing energy of expressive movement. The origins of the term Grafstract Expressionism was coined by the artist Fumero and in collaboration with another New York artist SinXero, which have revolutionized the contemporary art world with a new title that specifically describes the crossing over into the genres of fine street art and graffiti.


White RabbitWhite Rabbit

145 East Houston St,

New York, New York 10002

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