Sneak Peak: Michael Alan “New Museum Untapped”

Michael Alan untapped Flyer

Michael Alan will be bringing his Living Installation to the streets of New York City as part of the New Museums “Untapped” Music Program and Street Festival this Saturday May 4th. We’ve got a preview of 2 pieces Alan will include as part of the event.

“New Museum Untapped” is an afternoon of electronic music featuring artists that demonstrate a shared affirmation of experimentation and collaboration; an openness to sound sources and media; and an interest in reinterpreting genres. Performances will take place from Noon-4pm at a bandstand located on the basketball courts in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Houston between Chrystie and Forsyth).

More on the selected works of Michael Alan HERE

Artist and musician Michael Alan’s ongoing project The Living Installation is a raucous, riotous celebration of the body, music, art and healing. Working with live models, paint, props, and costumes over the course of several hours, The Living Installation is a site specific performance, a sculpture come to life, and a happening turned noise concert. Alan’s performances influence his drawing practice, which becomes part of the environment in his next performance or song, creating a continuous feedback loop amongst his various modes of expression. For New Museum Untapped, Alan will move The Living Installation out onto the streets of New York City, inviting everyone to be a part of his glorious, gloppy, mutating mass of positivity.

From Michael Alan: “The Living Installation started 9 years ago. I was thinking of animating my drawings, at the same time I wanted to open a flood gate in the New York Art scene. It was too plastic, there were not many places for people to gather and meet. Working with people, and turning friends, enemies, lovers, models, artists, the press, and pretty much anyone into a moving sculpture seemed to be the way to bring my art to life. It started in an arena where many people came to draw and vibe at these long 12 hour punky and gritty N.Y happenings. I did it just to do it. I had a prior life as a club owner and wanted to do something positive in the art community. I knew how to get people together, and my mind is wild work in progress. Painting, shifting, and transforming flesh is a great way to step up your game. Working on music and building full worlds live in 9 hours can really make you faster in your natural world. It is extreme. I became a big performer in the show, and got hurt pretty badly. I lost the lower part of my spine. I am still at it, climbing, howling, and pushing. We are all Living Installations, we are more than property, more than buildings, we are living and breathing walks of life!”


Sara D. Roosevelt Park

New York City, NY

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