Announced: Linda Paula Marcos debuts “Fragile: Handle with Care”


June 1st / 6pm-10pm
(performance at 8pm)
@ The Muse
32D South 1Street,
Brooklyn, New York

“May the silence be appreciated for it weighs as much as sound, as much as words, places and thoughts.
As much as you and I.”

Bushwick artist, Linda Paúla Marcos debuts her one night retrospective performance installation titled ‘Fragile Handle With Care’ at The Muse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, June 1st 2013. Following the disapproval to continue her piece at the 2013 Fashion Institute of Technology Thesis exhibition, Ms.Marcos has aligned herself with the Brooklyn community to further develop and conclude her piece that she explains is “a milestone to build, perform and destroy in public, making way for new work and what is ahead.” The artist has made it her mission to explore and expose the disposition and construct that drives the essence of what we know of as the ephemeral.

‘Fragile Handle With Care’ will exhibit the delicate and destructive tendencies we as humans use to examine our fleeting nature and temporary circumstance, via the use of performance and visual means. The similarities of impression between presence and the lack there of are emphasized. This one night spectacle will be executed at The Muse, a circus/performance space focused on instructing and allowing artist to create and be inspired. Their 1,456 square foot studio, provides the viewer room to walk around Marcos’ piece and examine the mysterious symbol of instability and mobility, that will read as a moving crate from the outside and the artists “subconscious” from the inside. This will be the artists largest work to date, measuring approximately 10’x16’x8′, the “hacking performance” will commence at 8pm sharp. Beer and wine will be sold.

Ms. Marcos has held various positions seemingly outside her artwork to support and construct the art community that she is so active in. As former co-founder / art director for Blank Canvas collective, she has begun work in a solo project ‘Braille Arts Initiative’, to make it’s public debut this summer 2013. Recently, the artist has also exhibited in collaboration with other collectives such as Laundry Lung Collective and Hot Cabinet, earning mention in digital art magazine; Superchief.Tv. Marcos will be exhibiting smaller work at the ‘Leveled Lands’ exhibition curated by Julia Sinelnikova, to take place at Brooklyn Fireproof, also during the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios weekend.

Please note:
-You will be asked to sign a safety liability waiver form at the door. (Safety glasses will be handed out only to those within close vicinity to the performance.)
-There will be live nudity.


The Muse

32D south 1st St (South 1st and Kent ave),

Brooklyn NY

Author: C. Priority

painter / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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