Michael Alan Alien out of print music available for download

Michael Alan

Michael Alan Alien 1st out of print music album is up for download. Immediate download of 32-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. This is the first released album of songs from 96-2002. Songs used at the Draw-a-thon/Living Installation acted out live for years! These songs are documented living works of art!

This out of print art punk….sounds like paintings dancing…..featuring Kenny Scharf, Jeff and Jane Hudson, Vas Deferens Organization,….. and of course…..Michael’s Mom (Raindrop) and Dad…This is the classic music from the Living Installation. Click HERE for the only place to get Michael Alan Alien’s debut self-titled album.
Track listing:
1. Look Mommy Look
2. Suspicion
4. Nothing Will be the same (With Renaldo from Renaldo and the Loaf)
5. Going Down into Space
6. Sexy Bed Bug
7. Tim Mike Tim Mike (With Tim “Love” Lee)
8. One Question
9. We were somewhere around Barstow around the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold(Raindrop Solo)
10. Take a walk on the wild side with me
11. Record Company Promotion(with Bed Bug)
12. Tie your eyes to your face (with Worm Carnevale)
13. Zip Unit
14. This is Re-dick
15. Family be Hard
16. Daddy Woof Woof knows the meaning of life
17. Sick New Shit
18. Sing AA trip (with Jeff and Jane Hudson)
20. Sleephorsie
21. Emily Is a ratt and that is ok!
22. Lilboysbrain
23. Rock Around the Clock
24. robot-ward
25. Scrumpie Baby’s Monkey Scabies (with Vas Deferens Organization)
26. My ancle
27. Sitting by the fireplace
28. Kenny/Mike Magic Friends (with Kenny Scharf)
29. Can I Play?
30. Den of Heroin (with Noah Becker)
31. Travel Through Space
32. Stupid

More on Michael @ michaelalanart.com

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