Announced: Colorform @ The Trash Bar


Colorform is Bringing it back to Brooklyn!  You know the score – music, live art, rocking, raging, partying. Cheap drinks and much love. $8 cover includes an OPEN well BAR from 7-8, and a whole night of music.

Catchy lyricism, a wide range of material and lust-for-life are three things that Colorform holds dear. The synaesthetic rock band – featuring female vocals, guitar, cello, bass, drums and visual art – has evolved over time from an intimate acoustic outfit into a plugged-in powerhouse of sight and sound. Colorform can be plaintive and introspective at one moment, with graceful melodies and soaring accompaniment and at other times, they can explode with raw intensity and fiery emotion. Music and art fans alike find Colorform’s wide array of songs to be uniquely entertaining.

Colorform’s integration of improvised visual art sets them apart in the NYC creative world. Before any performance you will see a blank canvas laid out on a wall or the floor. Over the course of a set, this will be transformed into a full work, inspired by the music and the energy of the room.

Colorform performs all over New York City, and you’re just as likely to find them playing a raucous bar as you are an art gallery or intimate benefit. New songs and recordings are always in the works, and it’s clear that this intriguing band is on the rise!


The Trash Bar

256 Grand Street,

Brooklyn, New York


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