Announced: Ava Day – Painter of Dreams at Le’Salon d’Art


Ava Day – Painter of Dreams
Exhibit: June 10 – July 8, 2013
Opening Party: June 13th, 2013 from 7pm – 10pm

Painter of Dreams is the title of a group of Conceptual artworks by Ava Day in which the sculptural framings are as much a part of the piece as the stage and stage-set would be a part of a play or performance. The frame stands as a portal, or invitation to a vision or memory, be it painful, beautiful, or hopeful. She describes her work as fragments of dreams, fantasies, or moments in time. She describes an interest in the mind’s ability to organize and sublimate the two-dimensional space of the canvas as theater into which the drama of a moment can be pressed.

Ava Day paints the inner vision. With a feeling for nature, her works seem charged with associations. She defines her work as Visionary Conceptualism, an intimate, personal art. They are also Metaphysical, in that they relate to the transcendent, to a reality beyond that which is perceptible to the senses, full of an invented symbolism…

For more info on Ava Day and her art, please go to her webpage

Ava’s born in Oceanside, California and graduated from
San Francisco State University, BA in Art & Minor in Dance. She studied drawing with John Guttmann and studied painting with Robert Bechtle and Richard McClean.
Participated in Performance art and conceptual art videos with Francis Coelho, Head of SF State Art Dept
Moved to London, England & traveled and lived in Western Europe were she styled & modeled in ‘Renee’ series airbrush paintings by photo-realist artist Barbara Rogers, Hanson Fuller, Goldeen Gallery. She founded ‘Ava Muse Graphics’, a London-based greeting card company. When she moved back to New York she created a line of specialty cards for TNT, New York
Illustration, Cosmopolitan Magazine with Abelardo Menendez (associate art director). She also executed promotional 3D art displays for Barnes & Nobles Booksellers, New York and worked on commercial productions (TV Commercials) with We Productions Company. Ava now lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

LeSalondartLe Salon d’Art

90 Stanton Street,

New York, New York


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