Announced: Michael Alan’s Downtown Converge at Ghost Art Lounge


Michael Alan’s Downtown/ Converge
at GHOST Art Lounge, 132A Eldridge Street, LES, NYC
Hosted by Joseph Meloy Meloy, Radomir Nikolai Petrov, Anthony Vasquez, Michael Kronenberg, Brooke Churchill
Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 6pm – 12am

Michael Alan and family invite you and yours to lounge/hang/chill at- GHOST Art Lounge! The fun, relaxed environment downtown brings a mixed crowd of artists, art lovers, collectors, peeps from all walks of life –and, on Thursday, June 20th GHOST comes alive with Michael Alan drawing live the whole night, let him draw you, the crowd, or draw with him. while its captured on photo by Hughbert Burckhardt

This is not a living installation, this is downtown converge, bringing people together to merge, make friends and create a new art scene bubble. {just a fun free party}

Become part of the Art vibe: music by Michael, custom artist inspired cocktail menu, free admission, and most of all, a place to come draw, drink, and be merry………

This week a special Feature of New works Of Choice Royce

With a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY for Andre Robledo

GHOST is an Art Lounge/ Bar serving the local community and art enthusiasts of the Lower East Side, New York City. The name comes from photos and eyewitness accounts of a ghostly apparition in front of the space when it was first built on the historic block! GHOST is an extension of Woodward Gallery’s Project Space with rotating street art exhibitions on the exterior and interior walls.


132A Eldridge St.
Lower East Side
New York, N.Y. 10002

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