Announced: Setdebelleza “The Big Exhibition”


The Custard Factory in collaboration with Graffiti4hire presents Setdebelleza – the big exhibition / silk screen editions & slaps, July 11 – July 20 at the Custard Factory – Lakeside Gallery.

Setdebelleza is an independent project which is financed exclusively by the sale of the silk screen prints which are signed, numbered and certified. All editions of Setdebelleza are designed and printed in his own studio.

All editions are presented with board backing in a clear print bag ensuring the correct storage of the product until the time of being framed.

Setdebelleza is Diego Etcheverry, artist, illustrator and graphic designer. A graduate in fine arts, his work is inspired by urban art and comics, the fusion of traditional and digital art is the target of his work. Since 2008 he has run, a site where publishes his own art. The artwork of Setdebelleza is exhibited in art galleries and it´s cataloged in private collections around the world.

A collection full of childhood memories turned into intellectual references. Somewhere between kitsch, comics and illustration; chromatic provocation for the senses and the soul. Paintings which are very immediate and visible, a complete opposite to elevator music which we do not pay attention to, or hear, “or see”. Paintings of varied sizes, vinyl decals and graphic work.

Custard Factory

The Custard Factory

Gibb Street

B9 4AA Birmingham

United Kingdom

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