Announced: Chaotic Gallery Presents “BRUISER”


“BRUISER” is the second solo show from the artist duo Creature Creature, soon after their successful debut “Red Leaves” at Espionage Gallery, Adelaide.

The Exhibition will launch CHAOTIC GALLERY in Melbourne.
CHAOTIC GALLERY is a new gallery in the heart of Windsor (down a lively cobblestone Laneway running between Union Street and Green Street). This Laneway already features some of Melbourne’s ‘best Street Art’ and is dedicated to supporting established and emerging Street Artists from Melbourne and beyond.

The Gallery is owned and run by Anne & Wayne Tindall with David Russell as Curator.

“BRUISER” by Creature Creature will feature a bold new series of artwork revolving around combatants, duelists and the fighting spirit. Many of the pieces are portraiture inspired by historical female warriors.

This new body of work stays true to the style of Creature Creature, blending street art, illustration and design, with concepts of duality, east meets west, and the natural world. As well as many appearances from their alter egos. Dragon and Unicorn!

The exhibition will run from July 12 – July 31

chaoticChaotic Gallery

Artists Lane,

Windsor, Victoria,

Australia 3181

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