Announced: Art meets Art presents “Finissage”

art meets art

ART meets ART means encounter, interaction, color. Their aim was to connect different painters to one project. The difference being the roots of these people. On one hand purely academically trained painters and on the other hand auto-didactic painters with other skilled backgrounds. All with the shared idea that a wall is a public painting surface for these 10 artists from various fields to merge in the spirit of art.

Those involved:

Featuring a soundcollage for the project created by Vizir Beats

Originally planned to be finished last year, The project was delayed by town officials. After numerous meetings it was put to a vote and the artists moved forward. Following the introductory group exhibition in 2012, the wall project was in its practical phase in May 2013 .Images of the original 2012 group exhibition from the Art and Architecture Forum Dinner can be found here wall is now set to unveil this week, August 23-25.

art meets art


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