Announced: Creative Grove JC Outdoor Music & Art!

creative grove

DJ William McCamie with his Brit Pop, Electronic remixes of
dance traxx, on the decks

at 7.00 pm A special appearance by Michael Durek with THE USE:
The Use is composer, sound designer, beat-maker, and multi-instrumentalist Michael Durek . He makes a saucy blend of pulsitile, structured, yet free electronic music with beats, synths, theremins, and sampled sounds recorded from Durek’s everyday life that is a blend of glitch-hop, house, and IDM. Durek has performed in six different countries with Pas Musique, leads a group called the SK Orchestra, co-curates the Omega Sound Fix festival, has premiered a piece with the Rutgers Symphony Orchestra as featured thereminist, and has appeared on over a dozen albums. He has an upcoming full length album on the PAS curated series on the swiss label Alrealon Musique, and another EP with musician, artist and frequent collaborator Rachel Mason.

Influences include Autechre, Phillip Glass, Dr. Dre, and Nosaj Thing.

Creative Grove proudly features weekly the talent and art of the local art community,
local describing the Metro City area.

The public art participatory projects are the art fridge, standing perfectly in windy conditions,
ready to be painted, every time again, or the paper sculpture with found objects, wheat paste and
free training how to wheatpaste your art onto surfaces and walls.

It is August,
organic ice cream pops are brought to us by Earth Pops!



Creative Grove Artist Market

Corners of Newark Ave and Grove St

Jersey City NJ

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