Announced: RECOGNITION – The Best Kept Secrets – An Art Show

The Abstracted
The Abstracted presents “RECOGNITION – The Best Kept Secrets – An Art Show”. A compilation showcasing, Minnesota artists. Opening reception to be held at the Abstracted Gallery from 6-11pm on August 24th.

Ron Brown, Kara Sweeny, Jelly Bones, Rekonize, Babs, Yuya Negishi, Bill Kenney, Linnea Marie Doyle, Carolyn Kopecky, Nelly Neal, Ethan Heidlebaugh, Lady Sharkstar, Shaper, Cameron T. Bouwens, Lizzy Blu Kovar, Stefani McDade, Pseudo Manitou, Boxy Mouse, Jesse Andrew Golfis

Music by Bake and Jen

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Also make sure to stop by and check out their newly updated but still under construction website where there will soon be artist information pages as well as an online store to purchase prints, t-shirts, and other art!

The Abstracted

The Abstracted Gallery

1618 Central Ave NE suite #110,

Minneapolis, MN

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