Announced: TAG in association with Tru Sound Lounge presents “Epics & Icons”


A Fine Grafstract Art (TAG) Exhibit in Association with TRU SOUND LOUNGE, August 24th, 2013. 20 Plus Artists in a 5,000 sq. foot warehouse. From 12noon to Midnight.

Curated by SinXero (TAG), Dennesa Andrea Usher (TSL) & Graffiti & Writer Liaison, William Power.

Screenings of “Style Wars,’ by Henry Chalfant, from 12-4pm. Advance RSVP required. E:mail to make reservations.

Spinning LIVE, DJs Johnny Beats, Stephen Eaves (GRUV MUZIK) & Onda Skillet (Aerotropic).

Featured Artists; SinXero, Fumero, Dennesa Andrea Usher, William Power, Edi Valle, Joseph Meloy, Dustin Spagnola, The Cupcake Guy, Col Wallnuts, King Bee, Stefroc, BG183, ZIMAD, SEXER, Kool Kito, Sienide, Ghetto TNT, MRS, and Skeme (Style Wars), as well as, Icy & Sot.

Guest Speaker, Hank O’Neal (XCIA) –

Including Legendary Photographers; Henry Chalfant (Style Wars), Joe Conzo (Born In The Bronx) & Ricky Flores.

Sponsored by, TSL

Exhibit Location: TRU SOUND LOUNGE (TSL)

865 East 135th StreetBronx, New York 10454

Endorsed by:


Hank O’Neal (XCIA)


Legendary Photographer, Henry Chalfant

Legendary Photographer, Joe Conzo

Legendary Photographer, Ricky Flores

The Bronx Documentary Center



Tru Sound Lounge

865 East 135th Street,

Bronx, NY 10454

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