Spotlight: Ms.Renda

Every day people use braille in a variety of circumstances.  It is very small but helps the blind out tremendously.  Ms. Renda has decided to take that formula of writing onto the canvas with the thought of a slightly smaller billboard style braille.  Once she created the first one, titled, “touch me” she knew she wasn’t done.

From Ms.Renda…

“Creating these touchable paintings is entrancing.  I love that the viewers are then encouraged to feel what I have created. These take days to  complete.  The hardest part is finding a safe place in my busy household for drying time (at least 48 hours).  Once the piece is completely dry, then I seal it so that the audience may feel the braille.

 I  understand that my reluctance to adhere to one medium is a little unorthodox.  My ultimate medium is emotion, the human experience and the nonsensical direction of modern society.  To get my inspiration out requires me not to limit myself to one specific medium as any emotion or social situation can call for different formats.  Where one emotion can suffice with oil paint, another emotion requires pottery.  This I have learned over time through education and allowing myself to be open to every experience emotional and artistic.”

For more on her artwork and this ongoing series of pieces visit: Ms Renda’s Artwork


Images/Text courtesy Ms.Renda

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