Announced: Matt Siren Ghost Girl – Maze


Join Woodward Gallery in association with Barton Orchards this Saturday, August 31st for an AMAZING Harvest kickoff of Apples, Cider and Street Art as Matt Siren’s “Ghost Girl” comes to life in a Corn Maze! This one of a kind Maze challenges and educates it’s guests on all facets surrounding street art. Woodward Gallery in collaboration with internationally acclaimed master maze-maker Dave Phillips have created an original Street Art Maze theme featuring Artist Matt Siren’s iconic “Ghost Girl” over multiple acres donated by Barton Orchards in Hudson Valley.

Woodward Gallery has organized the following urban-based street artists to participate in this one-of-a-kind country maze: MATT SIREN, RICHARD HAMBLETON, STIKMAN, CASSIUS FOULER, DARKCLOUD, ROYCE BANNON, MOODY, and UFO.

Barton Orchards is celebrating 20 years of the Farm being open to the Public as Hudson Valley’s premier farm for pick- your-own-fields with Apples, Peaches, Grapes, Vegetables, and plenty of Pumpkins! From 9 am -10 pm visitors will enjoy activities such as Live Music, Appearances by K104 Radio personalities, Face Painting, Petting Zoo, Haunted House, Hayrides -and the custom Street Art Corn Maze!

Join in the fun throughout the Memorial Day weekend! Bring your kids! Learn about Street ART! For a truly memorable event, stay for the great Fireworks finale and meet the Artists on Saturday, August 31.


Matt Siren is an illustrator and street artist based in Queens, NY. His art is heavily stimulated by images from the 80’s such as cartoons, video games, graffiti, heavy metal cd covers, posters in the Art Nouveau style, pinup and the emergence of modern day (computer generated) graphic design & branding. His work is iconic – both clean and gritty, using clean lines over textural backgrounds. In 2005, he created “Ghost Girl” as his signature icon in representing his current work. Matt’s work can been seen in clothing lines by Better Days Clothing, skateboards by Reciprocal Skateboards, RoyalFlush Magazine, and throughout the streets of Manhattan.. Matt Siren has been featured on CBS and hGTV television and is represented by Woodward Gallery, NYC.

2- MATT SIREN’S son Gaige and daughter Gwen
Gwen is currently a student at Lagrange Middle School in Upstate NY. Her main passion for expression is lyrical dancing. Gwen’s other source of expression is her love for drawing, sculpture and photography. Like most 12 year old kids she lives for summer vacations and time with friends.

Gaige is currently a student at Arlington High School. His first passion is basketball and baseball followed by skateboarding and east coast rapping. Future plans include working in the field of forensics.

Widely acknowledged as the godfather of street art, Richard Hambleton known as “The Sahdowman” has been working in NYC since 1979. He was part of that special coterie of the ’80’s with Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Mostly as a conceptual based artist, his oeuvre of dark shadowy figures on the street or serene beautiful paintings from his studio evoke a powerful reaction. He has had worldwide recognition with exhibitions in NYC, Russia, France, Italy and East and West Germany. Hambleton was associated with exhibitions sponsored by Giorgio Armani and most recently at the Art Gallery at Rockefeller State Park Preserve. A documentary film is currently in production. Richard Hambleton is represented by Woodward Gallery, NYC.

“Sti Kman” is a self taught artist. The first stikman wooden figures began appearing on urban streets as early as 1991 and with a strong, continuous presence ever since. There have been thousands of stick man images placed in US cities and towns as metaphor for the fragility of human life.

Cassius Fouler is a painter, illustrator, architect, and graffiti artist based in New York City. Fouler’s fine art documents the American urban experience using simple iconography and colloquialisms (those often based on the New York Metropolitan area). With a background in architecture Fouler stresses function and narrative in his art. Through his graffiti work, Fouler sees his work in the street bridge the gap between the naive disenfranchised hooligan graffiti kid and the pretentious overzealous contemporary gallery artist.

Darkcloud’s imagery has been a constant staple in the urban art scene since 2003. His work can be seen all over NYC, as well as adorning surfaces in various other cities and countries. The dark drippy, iconic repetition metaphorically represents the angst that is always a part of us. His cloud-like image serves as a visual reminder of the things in our lives we are unable to escape. Darkcloud has been exhibiting with Woodward Gallery since his acclaimed 2008 “Street Language” Exhibition.

Royce Bannon identifies with his monster character and enjoys the interaction between the public and his message. Where monsters commonly evoke scary, menacing or evil reproachfulness, his are neither unnatural or grotesque. Royce shrewdly diverges from what is expected- his monster tags are colorful and emotive, prompting familiarity and accessibility.

From the streets of Bensonhurst to fine art gallery walls, Moody has achieved the respect of his peers and art patrons alike. Moody’s vision is in social response to our visual culture today. In 2000, Mutz decided to redefine his focus and created the alias “Moody”. He hit the street art scene with the same drive and passion as he did in his bombing career, now by plastering his patent sneaker “M” logo from New York to Japan! Feeling the need to further progress his street brand, Moody began creating hand-cut, hand-painted wood “M” tags and installing them high over the streets of New York, as well as many venues across the country. MOODY has been associated with Woodward Gallery for several years now.

9- UFO
UFO is one of New York City’s most elusive and prolific graffiti artists. His mark is quite simple, a flying saucer or a balloon-headed extraterrestrial riding in a flying saucer. UFO sightings are everywhere; delivery trucks, residential building stairwells, abandoned buildings…from Brooklyn to the Bronx…UFO can and will make a landing anywhere possible.

ScreenHunter_10 Aug. 29 18.10

Barton Orchards

63 Apple Tree Ln,

Poughquag, New York

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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