Change the Culture by Michael Alan

IMG_0001 “Change the culture” by Michael Alan


 I came into “Fine Art” in a different way, I was raised a different way, we all have. So is living life. The sad fate of art snobbery repeats like a vermin feast…….you’re not from a rich family….sorry…………My Art story dates back to when the NY streets, 80’s and 90’s were filled with crime, terrible sins. I never understood as a child why I wanted to always draw. I drew my family, friends, and the world around me struggling in NY. I never drew comics, or had art friends, or knew about art. I made one “art friend” ODIN and he died, he was my best friend, it hurts more than any pain I ever felt.  I hung out in the street with gangs, wild ladies, drug heads, and warriors I drew all of it, the same way bacon wanted to feel pain to understand how to paint pain. I was in pain, living in hell. Picking cans from the trash on the weekends in queens with my grandmother to scrounge a meal, living in the Sister of Mercy Convent with my aunt as a half orphan, or back on Staten, with the wildest maniacs most have passed. I was attracted to drawing because it was peace and process. I’m not from Yale, and can barely understand why most people make art. I have always made art to understand the Human condition, except it and let it be free and pure.

noname-4I worked…..hustled through night school at S.V.A, doing what I had to to pay the old unaffordable. My heart said “be here escape death”. I was full in!  Hooked……I was once an art addict, but now I had tools. A space!  Like a child who didn’t get to break anything for years, it was a smash! Art was around me, it was in me, every kid from every hood was right…..Thank you all….. I was always encouraged….Bless you all!

I wanted to find a way when I left school to change the culture and help balance the bullshit I quickly started to see as the big “art”. The empty galleries, or better yet the horrid after gallery coke parties watching rich mouths sucking cock to put up a painting… needed more, we needed community.  Art needed what started art, Heart, love, devotion….A place….

I ran the big night clubs in the 90’s when I was a young wild youth so I knew I could take some shots. Jeez I was shot at 3x in my life and it missed each time, so I made the Draw-a-thon, with My brother ODIN rip, Dave 1 rip, Diana Gurfel and a team of wild monkeys. I burned my savings, my funds, destroyed my car, it put me in jail, I even broke my spine……. everything to create a project that included everything even my kitchen sink.

Why? I don’t care about much escape getting people free. I just had to not for fame, or earthy shit, but I knew I could. I believe if you feel in your heart you can give, and then give. Be about what happened, the pain, the hate, the love, 10 years, the evolution…

Michael Alan_ Kenny ScharfThe first show over 350 people came, and we all made art for 12 hours, every hour we had a new theme, costume changes, music changes…….the room was pure.

I had to do it again, and we needed to practice and become a staple, a movement, and most of all an experience. We forget so much, I wanted to leave memories with my new friends, lovers, artists, writers, enemies…….Life is a short moment.

My main thing is my drawings/painting, I work 9 hours a day. Through working with people I learned how to animate my work, onto people and demonstrate how much we can do! This is a statement on what we can do, I want to see everyone doing great things, and when I see this I am happy, everyone. Forgiveness and leaving your skin is freedom……The Living Installation is beyond me, it’s alive, it is…….

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Author: c_priority

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