Announced: Micheal Alan Alien “The Living Installation -10 year big big big show”


A 10 year performance/ celebration!
The NY staple wild raw Live show, help us keep the Old New York Alive. “A once in a lifetime art experience that should not be missed.” -NY Times

The Living Installation is a hardcore, DIY, New York City artist-founded project that brings all people together to celebrate open creativity in every form. Bringing people together through creativity breaking down unnecessary boundaries in art.

They are thrilled to also announce that this 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY will include 14 bodies and tribute to the legendary Draw-A-Thon 10 years of power, over 250 shows.

SUPPORT AND LOVE- Kenny Scharf, Draw-Mania, Michele Woo, and Anthony Vasquez

Witness 12 human bodies working together to build a triumphant human sculpture made of flesh and white paint. It’s an example of just how much humans can do by working together with raw true emotion and physical challenge. Allow power, equality, and creativity to transcend you into the realms of all possibilities. One model at a time will enter nude. Alan will paint them white one at at time as they join and intertwine into one large form of energy. This is a happening/experience/performance/live work of art never to be recreated again. Take a vacation from New York in a 6-hour trip!

Also that night, a show of Large human size prints of Alan that will fill the space, a projection of 10 years of footage, small works, and other games, and fun.

A full bar, at a great 4000 sq ft space! Much fun and a great chance to take a 7 hour break from the city.


-SATURDAY. OCTOBER.12th, 2013 ~ 6pm-1am
Pandemic Gallery
22 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(btw. Park & Flushing, G train to Clinton/Washington)

Subway: Clinton/Washington stop on the G and C Trains (15 min. walk)
Bus: B62 – Park Ave/Washington Ave (1 min. walk)
Car: BQE west, Exit 31 KENT/WYTHE – BQE east, Exit 30 FLUSHING AVE. exit

Sound Track Pre-recorded Music Collaborations/Remix’s with Michael Alan Ft- Tommy Ramone, Ariel Pink, Kenny Scharf, Meredith Monk, Geneva Jucuzzi, Japanther, Jello Biafra, Japanther, Odd Nosdam, Vas Deferens organisation, R. Stevie Moore, Tim “Love” Lee, Kenny Scharf, Jeff and Jane Hudson, and so many more

Great Sponsors:

Printmor {all of Michaels printing}
Rapidograph_{how I Michael makes his line}
Makeaframe_{hard to find a great framer}

Michael Alan
Julie Combal
Garry E Boake
Michael Kronenberg
Loreal Prystaj
Linda Paúla Marcos
Alyssa D’Anna
David Modello



Pandemic Gallery
22 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(btw. Park & Flushing, G train to Clinton/Washington)

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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