Announced: The Abstracted Gallery Presents Misael’s a/k/a “MAZE WAYZ” Benefit Showing


Help MAZE WAYZ ( Misael Ivan Lopez) come home to the United States!

check out his Facebook its amazing…..

The Abstracted Gallery is hosting a benefit / retrospective showing for MAZE WAYZ to raise money so that he can apply for a visa and get a plane ticket back to the Twin Cities. The show will consist of new and retro-visions by MAZE WAYZ and other Twin Cities artists. There will be a raffle and a silent auction to raise funds and they will be giving away exclusive ‘Legalize Maze Wayz’ T-shirts to anyone donating the amount of $25 or more! Any donation amounts are helpful and well appreciated! Suggested donation prizes are listed below.

For those of you who don’t know Misael, here is his story…
He was born in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and his parents brought him to the United States for a better life when he was 2. He grew up in the Twin Cities and 3 years ago he was deported suddenly to Mexico because it finally caught up with him that he didn’t have US Citizenship. Now 26, Misael has established quite the name for himself down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as an extremely talented and sought after artist despite the hardships he has encountered; being uprooted from his home in the Twin Cities and sent to an unknown country where he didn’t have any where to go and he didn’t know one single person.

$10 Raffle ticket

$25 Raffle ticket/t-shirt

$50 Raffle ticket/t-shirt/Print

$75 Raffle ticket/t-shirt/2 Prints

$250 Raffle ticket/t-shirt/Print
& 1 hour painting session with Bill Kenney at The Abstracted

$500 Raffle ticket/t-shirt/Print
1 hour painting session with Bill Kenney at The Abstracted
1 hour screen printing lesson

$1000 Raffle ticket/t-shirt/Print
Private dinner and wine/beer tasting with 10 of your friends at The Abstracted
Painting class with local artist
If you want to donate online go to and click the Donate button at the bottom of the description.

Music for the night will be provided by
Surgery at the Hands of Machines



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Also make sure to check out their newly updated (but still under construction) website where there will soon be artist information pages as well as an online store to purchase prints, t-shirts, and other art!

Every Tuesday & Thursday from NOON to 5PM
Or by appointment


The Abstracted

The Abstracted

1618 Central Ave NE suite #110,

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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