Announced: Mark Finne presents “MonsterzBawl” & Masquerade Party

walking dedd

Join in celebrating new artwork by New Jersey artist Mark Finne! Mark Finne presents “MonsterzBawl” & Masquerade Party opening night reception at GP’s Thursday 9pm – 11pm.

This event is a “Mask-art-rade” party, so break out your best costume for a chance to win a Finne original painting.

All artwork has never been seen before, and must be seen to believe: Enhance your art viewing with provided 3-D glasses and experience illuminated pieces that glow-in-the-dark.

Artist Statement: “I strive to create work that jumps out at you, But does not attack you. If the work does not jump out at you, Then it should invite you to come in. Hang out within the layers.

Swim in seas and fly in skies of blues,
Roll in hills and climb trees of greens,
Sunbathe in the yellows,
Waltz in the whites,
Run in the reds,

Feel your emotion.
See mine.

See movement without motion.
Colors battling without violence.
Juxtaposition without prejudice.
Harmless contradiction on purpose.

To rouse you.

For me, there’s no turning back.
Art runs through my veins.
If you cut me, I will bleed a rainbow.
And then paint a canvas with those colors.”





GP’s Hamilton Park

236 Pavonia Avenue,

Jersey City, New Jersey

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