Announced: L’art Pour L’art Presents – L.A. BE MINE

LA be mine


L’art Pour L’art invites you to L.A. BE MINE: The Art of Los Angeles.

Saturday, November 9th for an eclectic art industry mixer featuring over 30 independent artists exploring Los Angeles and today’s L.A. life style.

Journey through a night of live music, fine art, comical illustrations, sculpture, photography, and a unique interactive art installation brought to you by the L’art Pour L’art family.

L.A. BE MINE will take place at the trendy Holding Co. Studios located at 104 Robinson St. Los Angeles, CA 90026. (Corner of Robinson and Beverly)

A FREE open bar sponsored by MONSTER ENERGY DRINK will be available to all attending guests, which will include free WINE, BEER, and SNACKS.

Some may ask why they have created this event. Their answer is simple… “We host our gatherings with open hearts and minds. The L’art Pour L’art family believes that we can all achieve and learn from our time together. We see limitless potential in our friends and the individuals who surround us.”

L’art pour L’art has created a place where the guest becomes the artist and opens up the door to endless possibilities by not only showing what others have expressed but by giving you the tools to express what art is to you.




April Antuna, Adrian Garcia, Alex Benzer, Baha H. Danesh, Billmarie – Typewriter Poetry, Brittanie Renoj, Cecilia Romero, Christina Tonges, Cody Bayn, Cosmic Rey, Daniella Di Pol, David Herrera, Erika Stillwater, Henry De Niro, Hilda Rios, Ian M. Sherwin, Jaja Dario, Jay Olsen, Jen Moore, Jennifer Korsen, Jewels by: Brooke Macbeth, JinnDoW, Jonathan Baker, Kevin Ryan Henisey, Krista Moy, Leegan Koo, Lorna Alkana, Michael Bermudez, Michael Hope, Mike Daclan, Molly Brandenburg, Monica Reyes, Nicolas Bates, Renee Morales, Robyn Alatorre, Rosa Ramirez, Sean Sobczak, Sinziana Valicescu, Sonji Mariposa, Steven Downs – Live Art, Tom Stratton, Tripp Watt, Virginia Viera, Von Munoz, Yoshawn Smith

L.A. BE MINE Doors OPEN at 5:00 pm and stay open till 12:00 am!

Pre-sale tickets are available at

21+ /// $10.00 SOLD OUT /// $12.00 pre-sale /// $15.00 at the door ///

For more information or to be a part of this industry mixer, visit or email:

holding co

The Holding Co.

104 Robinson St.,

Los Angeles, California

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