Announced: The Abstracted Gallery presents – Sinister & Cotton Candy


Opening Reception of ‘Sinister & Cotton Candy’ Saturday, November 16th from 6PM to Midnight.

Sinister & Cotton Candy is a show that will strike the balance between the joy and happiness of life and the black magic that knocks ice cream out of a child’s hand on their birthday. Imagine finding a twenty-dollar bill in your pocket before you wash them or a sociopath finding just the right knife; a lost puppy finding his way home or a chainsaw murderer watching a victim trip while running through the woods. Artists have the ability to portray both by capturing the raw emotion, drive the esthetic, and make confusion and hypocrisy come to life with color and line.

Conceptual Guidelines of the Exhibit:
An artist can base their work on a purely visual image. The lines, color, direction, size, and composition are just a few of the potential distorted aspects. Some artists transcend the medium and expose the soul, the intention, the inner peace, and the utter turmoil of a work. The artists have the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the physical, as well as their psychological elements within a piece. Here are some concepts that helped to inspire the creation of each work. The artists have attempted to combine these conceptualizations into a piece or multiple works of art.

Sinister: Having an evil appearance, looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous that is soon to take place. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is really bad, just looks bad, looks scary, it might even kill you. Many things in life look scary, sometimes they’re beautiful, sometimes they turn out well, sometimes they don’t find your body until the smell drifts into the hall and the 90-year-old landlord complains to the city.

Cotton Candy: It just looks fun. A person can associate the treat with county fairs and carnivals. Perhaps an artist will remember their childhood or a past time of great happiness. The color is fun and whimsical and this “melting in your mouth” candy looks like a pink cloud. The down side is the amount of sugar could kill a small pony, it is over priced, sticky, bees might attack you, the carnie with three teeth and a comb over may stab you, or you may end up dead from getting diabetes.

Meat-Jeffery Paul Gadbois, Kao Lee Thao, Grant William Murray, Ron Brown, Carolyn Kopecky, Jesse Andrew Golfis, Amina Harper, Angel Hawari, Amoreena (“Amo”) Tarvas, Sara Syverhus, Stefani Mcdade, HBAK, Mike Bean, Lizzy Blu, Amy Bambi Wendt,
Lizardman, Aaron Kagan Putt, Nate Vincent Szklarski, Steven Skorjanec

Loom In Essence, Bake N’ Jen, E$,

There will be a special Hip Hop performance by John Quest Dungey

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The Abstracted Gallery

1618 Central Ave NE suite #110,

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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