Announced: Black Market Collective presents “From the Streets” Group Show.

from the streets

From the Streets is a group show focusing on many different artists that represent Street Art here in Berlin. From photographers, sticker artists, urban artist, Black Market Collective gathers all of these at one show for the grand opening of this new space. Go by and celebrate the streets! Saturday December 7th 7pm – 11:30pm.

List of artist participating in this show:

As a native Berliner, Lucky Cat developed her photography along with her burning interest for streetart and graffiti which she has been documenting in Berlin since 2008.

SOON is an urban and streetart artist from berlin germany. He mostly works with paste-ups and stencils. Since 2011 he published his works under the nickname Soon Streetart and is known for tagging the capitol with prints of normal people with gasmasks. || STREET-ART || URBAN-ART ||
He shows you the beauty of contamination.

The 24 year old graphic design artist JONES came to Berlin in 2010. His work is mainly hand painted posters in a graphic or typographic style, this distinguishes him from other paste-up street artists.

Starting in 2005, trashing around with postal stickers and other adhesives then evolved into the Ping Pong project in 2008. The Ping Pong project is based on an icon that can be found in the streets all over Berlin, Europe and Worldwide. Mostly working on Stickers, the icon also comes along in collabs with other sticker hooked junkies. Ping Pong is a filthy slaptagger and fast food addict, satanic slacker bum & trash fan. Thats what his shit will be about

HAEVI STYLES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Haevi lives in Berlin. Since about 2006, he makes art in the urban area and part of the street art stickers Crew “Creature Ink” on.With his work he tries to breathe a little more life to the gray city and the one or the other to elicit a smile.He used mainly birds, of which no one really knows what they are. We have already made some guesses. From Sparrow, Buzzard over chicken until everything was there.But no matter, the main thing they are fun.

“As I started to think about an artist name, I started to make up a whole character of an artist, which was me but without anything that would bother me. So I could separate my normal „me“ that has to earn money however, that has to pay the rent and feed the axolotl from the „me“ who just goes out with a bucket of paint or some cans or some pens and paper and who is just up for playing around. Like a child.
Rpnth is that child on a very huge playground. She likes to paint mostly naive and colourful things that just come to her mind- she likes pugs a lot, their weird simularity to ugly humans and their attitude of being stupid an nice at the same time. That’s why she loves to paint them all over walls of abandoned buildings in the city of berlin.
Art is nothing more than a big game. And it’s fun. That’s why.


Show to run until the end of December 2013.

BMCBlack Market Collective

Herzberg Strasse
55, 10365 Berlin, Germany

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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