Announced: Low Brow Artique Presents “Art for Tots” Group Show


Low Brow Artique presents Art for Tots, a multi-discipline group show raising money for the Toys for Tots charity. Featuring wood panels by:

Abel Macias, ACE, Baghead, Bill McMullen, Bishop203, Bluetan, CB23, CernOne, Chris RWK, Col Wallnuts, Cosbe, Danielle Mastrion, DEPS, Diana Contreras, Dirt Worship, Dirty Fingers, Don Rimx, EDAPT, Fintan Magee, Foxxface, Free Humanity, Gigi Bio, GILF!, Good Food, Hellbent, HKS181, Icy & Sot, INTRO TDP, Ishmael, Jasmine Parsia, Jerkface, Joshua Lynne, KB Griffin, Kidlew, Le Jardinier, Le Marke, Louie KR.ONE Gasparro, Luis Valle, LuvOne, Mas Paz, Monolith, Mrs, NDA, Nether, Nick Wilkinson, Overunder, Patch Whisky, Pursue1, Rose Jaffe, Royce Bannon, Rubin, RUSE, Sek3, Septerhed, Superwax, ToneMST, TUC, TwoOne, Un’Styled, Veng, Wizard Skull, Wyat Mills, Wyeth Hansen, Youthwaste

Opening reception Saturday December 14th 6-10pm.


Low Brow Artique

143 Central Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY

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