Draw Everything by Michael Alan


Draw everything. A-Q

A. Life is short. You can fill it with human pain, OR turn everything into Art.

I consider myself as a visual journalist. Drawing the energy around me, inside and out. I am not a photo realistic reporter. Nothing is certain, this is our life. 

I am a abstract reality visual document-er. Watching through the minds eye. Seeing the passion, feeling the passion, reading faces, drawing life, letting go of my mind.

B. I was born in the black out of 77, in New York. My mother states it to be the most insane day to have a child. Since then I have accumulated a good deal of human pain growing up in this war city. 

C. Black and Blue’s are beautiful, my scars and punctures are love they show the process of pain and healing. You may prefer to cover them over, I let them show.  I leave my bandages on sometimes for weeks after my weekly pain clinic visits. It has all become one beautiful blur. My friends worry, my family. I am sorry, I will be ok whatever happens, I must put it out there, I am art just like you and my calling is to lay it on the line. My road has lead to this path. Please let it unfold, my heart is with you. Look at my paper, my canvas, my panels, they are beyond me, fuck Michael Alan . I am blessed to be typing this.Everything changes, and so will my path.

D. Great images such as works of Hans Bellmer, or Otto Dix are emotional reactions to the those hideous times leaving impact on scrambled worlds, image that people can pull into their lives. A dialogue between the human life and the world we can’t see. If you close out the nothing sometimes you can peer into worlds beyond.

E. Leave this place. The key is to leave this place while living in this place, report back and carry on healthy and full of inspiration. Pure food. Share. Open your table, chase away the vultures

this is life 

F. The times we are living in are moving too fast, and our DNA can’t catch up and we search for our tribes. Anger is said to not be natural, desperation is the biggest shared trait, we have. We are set up to live this way. Together in our separation. Our depression is from separation in our subdivided realities, Everything is changing, fading in and out, its hard to hold onto something. Grab your face. Hug your friends. Tell them you love them.

G. This is what I report on, images of movement, desire, power, life without rules. 

H. God Bless the paper/canvas for it knows not what it wants

I. The paper/ canvas/ clay etc is the energy reader, we are lucky to have these elements to transmit into the future and let people know it is ok.

J. I always saw art work as energy. art I saw the same way as a EKG reads the energy of the heart, art work should show you more then a picture, it should show the soul, a soul, a ghost trapped. Trapped forever on that paper, speaking living screaming sleeping.

K. People like different work, subconsciously we adapt or move towards what is resonating in some form, or some thing we want to understand, or have never seen or want to see. The viewer reads the work. The work tells it all, will it last though time? Will it sell to help buy more plastic? Will it change lives? Do you care? I do!

swisscheese uplifting thaughtsL. At the end of the day the image tells the truth, the value, gallery, review, fans etc doesn’t mean much in a life filled with human needs and nothings. 

M. We can see us the people, we are the artistic revolution. Stop giving us fake, paint your fucking paintings. Climb your own mountain, don’t hire a Irish kid to fight your sins. 

 N. Energy is all around us, and it is the artists job to grab it and spin it into the work. 

The artist has a responsibility to continue the energy, once it has been taken it should transform through space and time and influence others so we can live on. We must live on through the arts, its a terminal time. We as a race must work hard, if your passion is writing, or fucking it is time for us to step up. Fuck hard. It is time for our culture of art to rise. You must fill the void. 

0. 10 million artist in in one small borough flocking like bees to a dead bear.

me and mom

P. There is no time to waste, the artists job is full. It can not have confusion all around it, clean the pallet. The artist is not just a painter but a healer. He or she must heal themselves, clear the decks and be able to read  energy.

Q. The job is a life long mission, not a quick piss. Its a long path of joy, pain and devotion. Pain is weakness leaving he body, let it pour into the brush, splash the pain on the wall and call it art. fuck the devil.

Michael Alan’s exhibition at Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery Opens Sunday, January 12th through Sunday, February 23rd.

For more on Michael Alan…HERE

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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