Announced: Braille Arts Initiative “Exposure type:1”


Braille Arts Initiative presents: ‘EXPOSURE: Type 1’

Monday / January 20th 2014
SIMONE – Martini Bar
*Complimentary TY KU Sake Cocktails / 7-9pm
(Full Bar selling drinks at Happy Hour prices throughout duration of opening)
Exhibition up 1/20-2/10
( admission is free )

Braille Arts Initiative is geared with the overall aim to fundraiser towards a self sustaining arts center. This prospective center will allow selected artists to practice their work and exhibit it within creative refuge. The fundraising process will be comprised of art exhibitions, auctions, donations, etc. while also contributing to the DIY arts culture pertinent in NYC.
Braille Arts is focused on “feeling before seeing”, putting an emphasis on the artists process and the sincerity behind their vision.

Featuring 13 NYC based emerging artists:
Linda Paúla Marcos, Rin Shen, Loreal Prystaj, Marcel Bornstein , Julia Maria Sinelnikova, Pansum Cheng, Jillian Salik, Eric Gottshall, Karina A. Herrera, Dove Drury-Hornbuckle, Harold Hernandez, S.B Kosinski, Kristie Nelson

Cinematographer, Lexi Phillips, will be documenting this wonderful night.
This exhibition is the first among other happenings to come, in support of BRAILLE ARTS INITIATIVE dont miss it.

simone martini bar

SImone Martini Bar

134 1st Avenue,

New York, New York


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