Announced: JC Fridays @ Port-o Lounge Gocha Tsinadze & Cris Nyne


Celebrate JC Fridays at Port-o Lounge with new work by artists Gocha Tsinadze and Cris Nyne! Friday March 7th, 6pm-3am.

Cris Nyne’s “Hollywand” will feature esoteric artwork inspired by the occult. “…cris nyne sits back and blows out a smear of distorted pop images &’s the beginning of communication through the end of times and we are tucked into an illusion, the illusion of choice. occult history and a future without guidelines inspire this series… “Hollywand: Dr John Dee and the wave of the branch”.

Gocha Tsinadze is a multimedia artist. He works and lives in NYC and hails from the Republic of Georgia. He has exhibited and performed at The New Museum, White Box, Smack Mellon, New York Electronic arts festival New Jersey Institute of Technology, Monkeytown, Bricolodge, 58 gallery.

“Through sound, performance, drawing and sculpture I am interested in creating experiential environments. I am interested in the scrim of memory and the effect time has on the psyche and senses. The architecture and tectonic systems at play in everyday life are subverted by process and material and visa versa. Within the idioms of drawing, painting and sculpture, I explore notions of decay within a subconscious semiotic system. Through the conception of ephemeral spaces, I aim to mimic the contours and experiences of a hybrid between the man made and natural environment. Due to my own past, I am interested in displacement and the conception of hybrid spaces which evolve through experience”.

For more information please visit


Port-O Lounge

286 1st. Street

Jersey City, New Jersey

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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