Announced: Free Snake Poems about Snakes


Free Snake Poems about Snakes at Most Wanted Fine Art in Pittsburgh PA. March 22, 2014, 7pm.

It turns out that there are some green pastures in the dark bowels of the Pittsburgh arts and literary communities.

You are cordially invite to witness the culmination of a collective masochistic desire to toil in obscurity forever:FREE SNAKE POEMS ABOUT SNAKES.

So they ran their snake fingers at the ends of their snake hands on their snake arms through like a damned snake rake, and have charged only the most extra-special community rejects with sharing their feelings about snakes in a very pubic way. From cranky poets to schizophrenic drag queens and everything in between, all were given two very simple rules:

1. Your free snake poem is free and (at least arguably) a poem and about snakes
2. You give zero fucks

Rachael Deacon
Julie Hinerman Meechan
Margaret Bashaar
Shawn Maddey
Tommy Venet
and… Special Snake Jessica!

Also featuring a carefully curated list of guest snakes 20 tongues long and growing in no particular order: Nick Noir, Kitty Durgin, Lita D’Vargas, Michael MagGot, Steph Sciullo, Art Ettinger, Ultra Violent, Lilith DeVille, David Graham, Doug Mesner, China Horrell, Juliet Cook, Jimmy ScreamerClauz, Christopher Priority, Kriscinda Lee Everitt, Nina Sauer…and a whole big mess more to be announced as an intimidation tactic. And so they look like jerks if they bail. And because holy shit, we kind of can’t believe some of the people we’ve convinced to write snake poems about snakes.

There will be costumes. There will be face painting. There will be actual snakes. You might see a penis.

Off the Hook Exotic Pet Shop will be there with REAL SNAKES for a SNAKE SHOW AND TELL!!

In the world of snake poems THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES

most wanted

Most Wanted Fine Art

5015 Penn Ave

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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