Announced: The P.N.F.A presents – Sticker Nerds 3

sticker nerds 3


The Pacific Northwest Friendship Association(P.N.F.A) Presents Sticker Nerds 3. A celebration of adhesive art. March 29, 2014 1pm – 9pm.

Live music, Interactive installations, murals, live tv, nothing but good times and good vibes. First 100 guests get a free sticker pack, first dibs at all the hidden Portland Tooth Fairy teeth hidden around the show, and first dibs at the merch. table. Featuring artists from around the world.

Main artists Spearheading the project:
SKAM, Rx Skulls, Dr rasterbator, Gag, Princess Daddy, Poopin Beaks, Kanye, Voxx Romana, Mr. Say, Nasty Nate, Jonathan Boys

Musical acts:
Ever So android, Graz, Skem, Dj Adhd

Day in the Lyfe Magazine, Sticky Ricks, Ren One, Cascadian Canvas Craft,, Urban Muse, Blaq backpacks

Location to be announced the day of the event.

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