Announced: 4FUN – In Collaboration with Lädy Millard & Street Level Culture

New York City:
In collaboration with Street Level Culture & 4FUN to support a project restoring art culture in the Bronx. Lädy Millard, foremost NYC underground artist, is connecting the street art of Soho with the graffiti art of the Bronx. Her upcoming event on May 17th, #UNDR1ROOF will present underground NYC artists who have collaborated with Shepard Ferry, Banksy, and Cope.

Lady’s Kickstarter campaign ends in 5 days. Show your love and support by donating HERE. And for the NY family, we would like it even more if you come to the event on May 17th.
Lädy is a multifaceted artist that currently works in her studio on the Lower East side. Hailing from the Southside of Jamaica, Queens, Lädy started as an assistant designer at Roc-a-Wear Designing since age 16 and since has run independent runway shows in production houses of Ruben Chapelle and Audrey Smaltz. She has also worked for Ralph Reynolds at Indigo Red and became the head designer by age 25.
In 2006, Lady decided to the leave fashion industry to focus on her first love: Street Art. She began selling art on the street of Soho on Prince St next to the Louis Vuitton store, making nearly 500/day. Her tags can be seen in the Lower East side on Delancey and throughout Soho on Crosby St near East Houston. She has been featured in DopeMag, Rhizome, Huffington Post, and Guest of Guest as a Top 7 Street Artists to Keep on Your Radar.

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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