Announced: Bang Bang Body Arts presents May Arts Night Out – Beyond the trains

Bang Bang

Bang Bang Body Arts presents May Arts Night Out will be introducing “BEYOND THE TRAINS”, a group show Curated by Alan Ket. Friday May 9th 5pm – 9pm.

Featuring: Cope2, GHOST, EZO, KET, Klass, Fuzz, Part One, Shaker 179, T-Kid 170, Tracy 168, Veefer, Wane One.

New York City graffiti is an art form born on the streets and the trains. The most prolific and respected artist worked primarily on subway and elevated trains where their artwork could reach a mass audience daily. With the clean up of New York in the 1980s these underground artists moved above ground and many developed studio practices, turning to the fine arts as means of expression. Their artwork found new audiences around the world and has been embraced globally. The artists selected here all have roots on the trains and in the art of stylizing letters be it in complex or simple bubble styles, each is a master in his own right.


Bang Bang Body Arts

Bang Bang Body Arts

7 Armory Street

Northampton, Massachusetts

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