Announced: Fragile Life/ solo works/ of Michael Alan

Alien Fragile Life

Michael Alan’s work occupies a living, color coordinated, extra dimensional, linear­­ stage, where everything is happening at the same time. The artist masterfully manipulates multiple overlaying and underlying techniques to create a beautiful, yet raw and fragile visual language.

Various figures and abstract elements pulsate and unfold at the same time in Michael Alan’s work. The viewer sinks into incredibly complex yet lighthearted mind fields, that contain an explosive amount of simultaneous information.

There are dark works, there are light works, there are colorful overlapping sinuous lines, there are ethereal beauties and grotesque puppets, there is a knight fighting a bum on a watercolor field, there are paintings inside of paintings, sometimes there are even written instructions or positive validations.

Every use of material from oil to ink to pastel to spray, even cut ups of the artists own drawings are combined into epic visions of emotional forms inhabiting inviting puzzles, or serenely contemplating linear structures connected by looping bolts of pure pigment. They are alive.

Alan is extremely prolific, laboring away for 12 hours each day, at home or at the hospital or on the bus. He has produced over 2,500 completed artworks in spite of enduring massive trauma to his physical body. Come join us at Yes Gallery in Greenpoint for a selected exhibition of this artist’s works on Saturday, May 10th from 6 to 11pm.




Yes Gallery ltd.

147 India Street,

Brooklyn, New York

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