Announced: Viewpoints 2014 @ Alijira


Aljira is happy to host Studio Montclair’s 17th Annual Juried Exhibition, Viewpoints 2014, with a reception on Saturday, June 7 from 6 to 9pm. The exhibition features works of 100 artists from New Jersey and 16 other states in a wide array of media from oil on canvas and photography to glass, iron, digital photos, collage, concrete, found objects, yarn and fabric. There are constructions and deconstructions, intensely personal works, and those that make environmental statements.

Referring to a description of the current art world as a “massive tapestry interwoven with the threads of many artists,” juror Sue Scott, independent curator, writer, art consultant and founder of Sue Scott Gallery, says this exhibition “offers the opportunity to understand just how pulsating, alive, and varied this tapestry is.”

The exhibition will be on view at Aljira’s 591 Broad Street, Newark galleries through June 28, 2014.

Image: Wendy Letven

The following artists were selected for inclusion in the exhibition:
Christopher Priority, Cary Africk, Christine Anderson, Danielle Austen, Lisa Bagwell, Rob Barth, Amy Becker, Bartosz Beda, John Bendel, Michael Benevenia, Federico Bianchi, Brad Birchett, Jennifer Breitenstein, Lynne Buschman, Kirsten Campbell, Kathy Cantwell, Curtis Cascagnette, Nora Chavooshian, Robin Clark, John Cleary, Zach Collins, Donna Conklin King, Pam Cooper, Patricia Cudd, Lynda D’Amico, Jean Davey Winter, Doug Depice, Matthew Derezinski, Kurt Dyrhaug, Laura Elkins, Roshanak Elmendorf, Eileen Erbeck, Noel Farese, Jodie Fink, Connie Freid, Bennett Gewirtz, Allan Gorman, Orna Greenberg, Jack Gron,Kate Hamilton, Lannie Hart, Colin Hathaway, Micãl Hernãindez, Elizabeth Herrmann, Alice Jacob, Paul Jervis, Michael Burris Johnson, Michael Kellner, Gina Kingsley, Alexandra Kirtley, Richard Koch, Neal Korn, Taehyub Lee, Wendy Letven, Eric Levin, Colleen Lineberry, Elaine Longtemps, Manuel Macarrulla, Dave Magyar, Bonnie Maranz, Rose Materdomini, Hildy Maze, Dan Mccormack, Apryl Miller, Paul Mordetsky, Maureen O’Leary, Lisa Ocasio Hirkaler, Anne Oshman, Daniel Pailes-Friedman, Arthur Paxton, Lisa Redburn, William Dean Reynolds, Gregg Rosen, Judy Row, Anthony Santella, Katia Setzer, Beverly Shipko, Jim Shirey, Don Sichler, Srujana Sinha, Britt Snyder, Katherine Stanek, Margie Steinman, Brian Stymest, Abie Sussman, John Szabo, Nishiki Tayui, Michael Teters, Katie Truk, Miriam Untoria, William Waggoner, Danielle Wagner, Anne Wedler, Jenny Wiener, Eric Williams, Margaret Withers, David Witten, Christine Wuenschel, Tony Zaza, and Fotios Zemenides.

Studio Montclair is a nonprofit member organization of exhibiting professional artists and others interested in the visual arts that promotes culture and education in the visual arts and encourages emerging artists.



Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art

591 Broad Street,
Newark, New Jersey

Author: C. Priority

Painter / Curator / Slap Tagger GSWW Principal @ ladderandkey

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