Announced: Indal Abergil & Danielle Ezzo “Pasting” @ Galerie Protege

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Galerie Protégé is pleased to present Pasting with works by Inbal Abergil and Danielle Ezzo. This is Abergil’s first exhibition at Protégé while Ezzo has previously participated in both solo and group exhibitions at the gallery.

The poetry of loss as manifested through photography is one of the most profound ways of exploring the human experience. There is an elegance and subtlety to the works of both Abergil and Ezzo. Delving deeply into the clear realties we all face: failure, death and loss; each artist offers the viewer a delicate narrative of personal experience that masterfully registers as a collective universal. Abergil and Ezzo ask us to use our memory to piece together their individual poetic visual language to construct a personal understanding of an experience that transcends the notion of the individual.

The works on view by Inbal Abergil come from her series All That is Alive Passes All That is Dead Remains. Many of the photographs in Pasting were taken in Israel while she was an MFA student at Columbia University. Though the works are placed in a global context with hues of Israeli politics and struggle, this concept is not the sole impression of her photographs. In fact, their gentleness leads the viewer to a personal connection and the universals mentioned above.

The works by Ezzo come from her new body of work titled Stories from Memory. These works have been produced as she earns an MFA at the Museum School in Boston. The photographs are inspired by real life experiences. Ezzo admits, however, that elements of the photos are fictional recollections of actual events due to the function of the brain manipulating truths over the passing of time to record the story.

Pasting opens on Thursday, June 5th with a reception on Thursday, June 12th from 6 pm to 8pm.


gallery protege


Galerie Protege

197 9th Ave (Lower Level)


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