Announced: Anatomy Skate Show. aka ASS.


Come check out some ASS, stare as long as you like, no problem.

Exhibition of paintings combining anatomy studies and skateboarding by Bryan Rackleff. A series of oil paintings on wood panels.

1969, Skateboarding and Oil Painting started the same year for Bryan growing up in SoCal. Skating empty pools and ramshackely backyard ramps with Tony Alva, Jason Jesse, Tony Hawk and Gator he saw first hand the birth of skateboarding. His 45 years of skating and painting have no plans of slowing down. And still not one broken bone. Knock on wood.

His day job as a Grammy nominated Art Director forces him to spend late nights painting like a madman unchained.

You can find him skating most weekends at Chelsea Piers Skate park in NYC or at the Junk Spot in Jersey City, NJ with his 11 year old Son EZ-e.

It’s gonna be tons of fun.

Go to LEFTFIELD 87 Ludlow Street (btwn Delancey and Broome) friday night June 27th. Pat Longo will be DJing, spinning all the vinyl that makes ya want to drop in to an empty pool and grind the copping.

Paintings will be on display until August 22nd 2014.




87 Ludlow St


Author: C. Priority

painter / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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