Humbleness through the act of creation by Michael Alan


Humbleness through the act of creation

words Michael Alan

Images Courtesy Kristen Collins and Hugh Burckhardt @ Succlent Studios June 2014

For eleven years people, thousands of people, myself, cats, dogs, have pondered what the hell is the Living Installation. What am I supposed to do when i go there? Can I come and go as I please? Is this a one-man show? Is this a sex party? Why do you spend all your time and energy on these happenings when you should be home sleeping? These are all valid questions and I don’t believe in answers. Answers are like lies because they  change constantly. But if there is an honest truth, from day one until day now its that I had the ability and the energy to create a space for people to gather for marathon hours and experience something inexplicable together. I’m from new york so for me the culture of the city is 1000 times changed. My love for New York was the freedom and raw expression. Fuck white wine and drawing classes where you feel your skin is gonna go on fire Or pretentious fundraisers where your art is being sold to support some fucked up institution. For me art is freedom. But without that space and time and caring, it doesn’t exist.


hueeeeeeeeeeeThe government wants you to not be creative. Creativity equals freedom. Freedom equals chaos. If you join me in my insane project you will explore realms of experimentation in art that if i tried to explain by typing on a key board I would be wasting your time and mine. 

Eleven years later being humbled by the nine Alice’s all finding their own interpretation of what it meant to be lost in the rabbit hole complimented my faith in freedom of the body. Magic does exist, but its up to you to make it happen. You are a living installation. That is a living installation. The past is over you live now. Put an ice cream cone on your head. I’m very proud of my cast and crew and the special eleven year anniversary of burning money. Fuck the law.


More on Michael Alan and The Living Installation HERE

Author: C. Priority

painter / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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