Announced: Replicants – New Work by Michael Meadors


Replicants: New Work by Michael Meadors, 2pm to 6pm at Paul Vincent Gallery July 6, 2014.

“‘Replicants’ delves into our evolving relationship with pictures. The artist has chosen a commonplace image, an H&M advertisement for men’s fashion; commonplace because it is plastered all over the city, in subways, popup ads, and magazines, repeated so many times that it loses all meaning as an image. Starting with this visual white noise he mechanically reproduced the same instance by hand drawing each separate object. By their nature of being hand crafted the imperfections start to pile up. These mutated clones are individualized into their own unique brands through the addition of collage, becoming custom products for the discerning consumer.” – Michael Meadors

Michael Meadors’s artistic journey has taken him to quite a few places. From Washington D.C., where he spent part of his childhood ogling works in the National Gallery of Art and East Carolina University, where he studied painting and drawing; to the New York Academy of Art where he got his master’s degree in painting and now, Jersey City.

From his studio in the Powerhouse Arts District, the 30-year-old creates striking paintings and drawings that are more than just pretty pictures. Sometimes, they’re also biting social comments and tongue-in-cheek puns with just a dab of what the Marion resident calls “finely aged punk-rock angst.”

-Jersey City Independent, Summer Dawn Hortillosa




Paul Vincent Gallery

49 Harrison St

Hoboken, New Jersey

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