Announced: Collab Night in Portland

Collab Night

COLLAB NIGHT in Portland! First Thursday December 4th! Bring a marker and a few pals and stop by! There will be art on the walls, a free wall to hit up, a merch table with goodies, and sheets and sheets of portland street art characters printed out for you to grab and collab on. Give a local character your own spin and tack it on the collab wall! After the show the artists will snatch up the collabs and who knows, maybe even make a sticker of it, we’ll see!


RX Skulls, Skam Sticker, Gadzoox Pdx, Exist Comm, Russell PDX, Robothead Stuff, Voxx Romana, Skrumpy Madcheap, The Lost Cause, Justone Raccoon, George Invoice, Kanye, Faithless, Missy, Atum, Justone, Antsi, Olivealways, Ampercat, Dr. Rasterbator, Gary S. Truman, MFPK, Oinkx the Clown, Awake, Nabruone, Mehdicine Man, Lucid Rose, Mr.Say and more!

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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