Announced: Rochelle Fox “Sanctuary” @ LITM

Fox Sanctuary

Rochelle Fox is an artist and textile designer working in New York City. She has studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Central Florida, the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Rochelle has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the United States, includingThe Monmouth Museum, The Orlando Museum of Art, The Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft, and Christie’s Auction House for the 2009 Tibet House Annual Auction. Rochelle’s work fuses her passion for painting, drawing, and screen printing and draws inspiration from forms in nature, Japanese prints, Indian art, Gothic architecture, and Victorian fashion. There is a spiritual, meditative quality to her work, that invites the viewer to discover a deeper sense of meaning.

In her latest series “Sanctuary,” Rochelle explores the theme of seeking inner balance amongst the over stimulation of the urban landscape. She is fascinated with the experience of being immersed in the thriving, unbounded energy of New York City and simultaneously finding moments of balance by retreating into a quiet space of inner contemplation. Creating the work itself has become a meditative process, and she sketched many of the botanical-themed compositions in Central Park, one of her favorite public spaces. The imagery invites the viewer to get lost in the worlds of blossoming gardens as a meditative exercise thus helping them to get closer to their own “inner sanctuary.”

Sanctuary opens Tuesday January 6th 7pm.




140 Newark Ave,

Jersey City, New Jersey

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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