Announced: David Lamplugh @ Cianfrani Coffee

cianfrani coffee

Cianfrani Coffee presents paintings by David Lamplugh. Cianfrani Coffee located in Georgetown TX, right up the road from Austin. This show will featuring 8 paintings by David, and an assortment of prints all for purchase. Purchases can be made at the counter, or contact the David directly show to run January through February 2015.


Cianfrani Coffee                                                                                                                                                                             109 West 7 st
Suite No.105
Historic Georgetown, TX

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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  1. Fabulous & Happy New Years – Cheers! Olga G-G

    Olga Garcia-Guerra | Fine Artist* | * |

    *I think the biggest problem working with me would be that I’m an only child, and so I have an internal dialogue that goes on that I just assume you can hear – Maynard James Keenan*


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