Announced: Concrete to Data @ Steinberg Museum of Art


CONCRETE TO DATA  at The Steinberg Museum of Art in NY.

January 26th – March 21st 2015.

Opening Reception – Friday – 2/6/15 – 6PM – 9PM

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Curated by Ryan Seslow – @ryanseslow

The emphasis of this exhibition will celebrate the transcending techniques, styles, methods and contexts of generating street art and graffiti. The show will display works from the late 1970’s through today’s new media technologies. The works will range from ephemeral murals to site specific arrangements and installations. Techniques with aerosol paint, stencils, brush application, paste-ups, assemblage, sculpture, photography, video art, GIF animations, virtual reality, documentation and internet technologies are represented. A collaborative public open call for submissions will also be launched.

The Main Museum Space ::

General Howe, CAKE, Leon Reid IV, Chris Stain, Abe Lincoln Jr., Luna Park, RJ Rushmore, Martha Cooper, John Fekner, Don Leicht, Ryan Seslow, Herb Smith, Henry Chalfant, Monique Spier, Chris RWK, Lady Pink, GAIA, Swoon, SEBS, Jaime Rojo, Jilly Ballistic, Col Wallnuts, Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Hrag Vartanian, Billy Mode, Inspire 1 Yoav Litvin, Katie Yamasaki, Garrison Buxton, Joe Iurato, Adam VOID, Caroline Caldwell, EKG & Cash4, EKG, Scott Tongue, Daniel Feral.

The Digital Space via :

Curated by RJ Rushmore & Ryan Seslow

Jilly Ballistic, Stinkfish, Broken Fingaz, General Howe, Caroline Caldwell, Abe Lincoln Jr., Gaia, Enzo & Nio, John Fekner, Olek, Ryan Seslow, Swampy, Peter Drew, Adam VOID, Rone, Enzo Sarto, CAKE, Leon Reid IV, Michael Branson Smith, Monique Spier.




Steinberg Museum of Art

720 Northern Blvd.

Brookville, New York

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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